Inspection of hot rolled steel billets, port Odessa (Ukraine)

December 11, 2016

Scope: pre-shipment inspection, loading survey.

Pre-Shipment Inspection of Steel Billets

All cargo was stored in stock piles on concrete floor at open site without protection from weather conditions in open storage facility.
The steel billets were packed in bundles, part of the cargo was loose (stored separately).
The rust condition of visible and accessible parts of cargo was assessed according to “The American Rust Standard Guide”
The samples were drawn and sent to the certified laboratory for chemical analysis.

Steel Billets loading

The cargo was delivered from storage areas alongside the vessel by semitrailers. Steel Billets were loaded into a ship’s holds by means of  1 shore crane and 1 ship crane using the spreader beam and 2 wire slings in 1-2 gangs.
The stowage of cargo on board, in the holds of the vessel, was performed by cranes and fork lifts.

Color marking of Steel Billets

In accordance with the principal instructions butt ends of steel billets were marked with paint (each lot had different color).