Agricultural Commodities Inspections

Agricultural Commodities

Agricultural commodities inspections are performed for major traders, banks etc.. Agri commodities: wheat, barley, corn, vegetable oils, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, meals etc..
Inspections of Metal Products & Minerals

Metals & Minerals Inspections

Metals & Minerals Inspections are requested by major commodity traders, manufacturers, banks and others. Typical cargoes: metal products, metal scrap, ores, coals, alloys etc...
Inspections of Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods Inspections

Consumer goods inspections are ordered by importers, exporters, manufacturers, retail chains etc… Usual scope: visual examination, damage survey, tally, sampling and testing.

Grains inspections (GAFTA)

Grains inspections (GAFTA)Third party independent inspections of wheat, barley, corn, peas, meals, brans and other agricultural commodities.
Testing in TCIS GAFTA laboratory.

Stock inventory services

Stock inventory servicesThird party services for independent stock inventory of goods in warehouses, manufacturing plants, shops.
Bar coding, QR coding and other modern technologies.

Trade Finance Services

Trade Finance Services

TCIS Collateral Management, Stock Management and Stock Monitoring solutions are provided to banks and financial institutions to mitigate the related risks.
Marine Survey

Marine Survey

TCIS has a team of Master Mariners and Engineers with years of experience working on behalf of P&I Clubs, leading Insurers, Shipping Lines, Cargo interests, other third parties.
Specialized Projects

Specialized Projects

Our team of project developers will seamlessly integrate specialists for a wide range of project types to provide the highest level of project management and related services.