Independent stock inventory services

International company TCIS Vostok LLC provides the services of an independent inventory of goods, material values and other property.
If your company records are kept through a system of bar-coding, or QR coding considerably simplifies and speeds up the inventory process – in this case, we use our own equipment and software to complete the task. If a barcode or QR-coding you have not used regardless of this task will be completed.

Services for inventory of goods

Our company provides third party services for inventory of goods in warehouses, manufacturing plants, shops. We provide a wide range of services for independent inventory of various types:

  • Mandatory inventory
  • Voluntary inventory
  • Planned inventory
  • Unplanned
  • Full (complete) inventory
  • Partial (selective) inventory
  • Documentary inventory

Company property stocktaking / fixed assetsstocktaking

An independent inventory of fixed assets of offices, government organizations, hotels, banks, insurance companies, etc.).
Checks the availability and condition of all tangible assets, including office equipment, computers, inventory, industrial equipment, tools, vehicles, buildings and other tangible assets.

Additional services

We offer a range of additional services to our clients:

  • Entering data into the accounting system of the client
  • Marking of goods during the inventory
  • Marking of goods and objects with barcode or QR code to facilitate and reduce the cost of subsequent accounting and inventory
  • Visual inspection of goods, inventory objects to register the damage of packing and goods
  • Independent third party inspection of goods during input or output of goods. Sampling of goods, laboratory analysis in accordance with Russian and international standards
  • Independent control of goods or objects pledged as security for the repayment of loans to banks and financial institutions (Collateral Management, Stock Monitoring)

The purpose of the independent inventory

Conducting regular independent inventory allows you to:

  • Confirm availability of all of the property which is on balance of the enterprise
  • To detect damage of certain goods and materials, decreasing their cost
  • To ensure compliance of storage conditions of goods and materials
  • To detect shortage or surplus of the assets, goods
  • To assess the accuracy and completeness of property records in the company

An independent inventory is required in the following cases:

  • Change of materially responsible persons
  • The transfer of assets in rent, its purchase or sale
  • To identify the facts of theft, damage to property, abuse of official position
  • The change of ownership, organizational-legal form, a merger (reorganization)
  • Liquidation of an enterprise
  • Evaluation of consequences of natural disasters, fires

Self-inventory (the inventory by the company's staff)

Often, when self-inventory is carried out employees from different departments are used for tasks performance. They normally have no experience of such work and, consequently, do not know all the intricacies of the process.
Another important factor  is that the company's employees, managing such inventory are interested in minimizing discrepancies with accounting records of the company.

Disadvantages of such self-inventory:

  • The need to release their employees from their main duties during inventory
  • The need to rent equipment for making inventory
  • Incorrect totals inventory because of the inexperience / incompetence of the staff or deliberate distortion of findings due to personal interest of the employees and/or responsible persons of the employer
  • Lost profits due to downtime of production and warehouse closure
  • As a rule summarizing of such inventory is delayed

Features of independent inventory services

Vast experience in conducting goods audits, inventories for the domestic and international clients
Prompt inventory service
The professionalism of the staff (experienced auditors, inspectors and managers)
The impartiality in the assessments and actions
The accuracy of the data and the quality of the final results
Independent results of the inventory
Using the latest technology and equipment, specialized software (bar coding, QR coding, scanners, printers based on the technology of WiFi, Bluetooth, wired technologies)

Among our clients:

Banks, warehouses, terminals and logistics companies, shops, pharmacies, offices, construction companies, industrial enterprises, budget organizations, medical institutions, etc.

How we work

  • A preliminary assessment of the scope and cost of the works with a possible visit to the client's premises
  • Drafting and signing of the contract
  • making inventory / stocktaking
  • Verification of results (verification of data with company's books)
  • Acceptance of works and payment (Signing of the act of the executed works)

The cost of inventory service

The cost of inventory is calculated individually in each case. To determine the cost we need the following information from a customer:

  • The nature of the inventoried property (equipment, clothing, medications, jewelry, etc.)
  • Approximate stocks available
  • The presence/absence of bar codes or QR codes on products
  • The location of the objects, their distance from each other, working conditions
  • The time of inventory (day, night, day and night, weekdays, weekends)
  • The urgency of inventory
  • The specificity of the inventoried objects and the conditions of storage of goods and materials
  • Other essential information

Currently, an independent inventory is the only effective method of control material assets. Experience shows that even in a well-functioning system of storage of goods inconsistencies and shortages of goods occur. Such inconsistencies include: natural losses, damage, negligence in accounting, including possible surplus.
Inventory can significantly reduce, and in most cases, prevent financial risks and loss.

With a large turnover, many companies conduct inventory several times a year, despite the fact that by law, the inventory stock must be held at least 1 time per year (prior to submission of the annual financial statements). In this case, it wise to nominate a specialized outsourcing company to perform the inventory. The cost of such services is significantly lower commercial losses and tax penalties.

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